bringing regulators together for the benefit of consumers and the economy

innovation-friendly regulation

promoting resilient sectors

promoting fairness for all consumers

collaboration and better ways of working

Promoting resilient sectors

Our aims for this theme are as follows.

  • To increase understanding amongst our stakeholders, including investors, Government and independent bodies, of the role and value of independent regulation in delivering positive long term resilient sectors for consumers.
  • To position UKRN as a vehicle of collaboration between regulators of essential services, including by continuing to work together to advance regulatory understanding of how best to set the allowed cost of capital and the impact this has on the long-term resilience of our sectors.
  • To build relationships with other independent bodies e.g. National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), Greater London Authority (GLA), Future Cities Catapult to inform and influence future long term investment and infrastructure planning and to ensure stakeholders understand the regulatory model.


  • Spring 2018 position paper on the use of inflation indices.
  • Bi-annual spring and autumn conference with the Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association.
  • Membership on the Digital Framework Task Group.
  • Winter update report to our 2015 Cross Sector Infrastructure Interactions document.
  • March 2019 Cost of Capital annual summary report on Cost of Capital decisions.
  • Cost of Capital work across regulators.