bringing regulators together for the benefit of consumers and the economy

innovation-friendly regulation

promoting resilient sectors

promoting fairness for all consumers

collaboration and better ways of working

Promoting innovation-friendly regulation

Our aims for this theme are as follows.

  • To explore how regulators can promote innovation to deliver better consumer outcomes, whilst considering cross sector implications of our policies.
  • To position UKRN as a vehicle of collaboration between regulators of essential services by encouraging data sharing, to the benefit of consumers in vulnerable circumstances, in line with the National Audit Office’s recommendation in their 2017 report Vulnerable consumers in regulated industries.
  • To identify where regulators can share data with each other to inform better policy development and decision making.
  • To explore how data quality and metrics can improve consumer engagement and decision making when using digital comparison tools.


  • Project: Autumn follow up report to our Making better use of data: identifying customers in vulnerable situations published October 2017.
  • Project: March 2019 project conclusion report on Digital Comparison Tools and how we have implemented the CMA recommendations.