bringing regulators together for the benefit of consumers and the economy

innovation-friendly regulation

promoting resilient sectors

promoting fairness for all consumers

collaboration and better ways of working

Better ways of working

Our aims for this theme are as follows:

  • Promote positive cultures, diversity and flexible working within and across UKRN members.
  • Identify resource challenges posed by changing regulatory approaches, including how regulators use data, and the implications for IT, skills and people.
  • Explore opportunities for efficiencies in the way we work through sharing resources across our members.
  • Build relationships with other networks to ensure there is no duplication between what we do as UKRN and other similar networks, and where it is beneficial work with these networks, as part of a desire for continuous improvement in how we work.


  • Shared training scheme
  • Diversity in Economics event
  • Shared secondment principles
  • Shared strategic operational plans
  • UKRN conference, April 2018
  • Regular engagement and participation with Government and Government networks