The UKRN is a network formed by 13 of the UK’s sectoral regulators


The UKRN brings together regulators from the UK’s utility, financial and transport sectors for the benefit of consumers and the economy. We were established by our members in 2014 and have developed strong relationships and a culture of collaboration and learning. We work together to share knowledge, explore cross-cutting issues and build better ways of working.

How We Work

The UKRN facilitates cooperation and communication across its members in a wide range of ways.

  • We bring together colleagues from member regulators to deliver projects which consider common issues across the sectors we regulate.
  • We liaise with government and external stakeholders to inform and contribute to policy debates and cross-sector issues affecting multiple regulators.
  • We facilitate networks, which foster links across our members and provide expert input into our projects and work areas.
  • We facilitate events and discussions of topical issues with external audiences and in collaboration with partners. In the past, these topics have included consumer policy, investment, innovation, infrastructure and the role of independent regulation.


The UKRN is a member organisation, formed by 13 of the UK’s sectoral regulators.

The strategy of the UKRN is determined by the CEOs Strategy Group, which includes all member regulators. This meets twice a year, in September and March. It is responsible for providing strategic leadership and agreeing the strategic direction of the UKRN.

The forward work programme is determined by the CEOs Sub-Committee, which includes full member regulators only. This meets in June and December and is responsible for realising the strategy, implementing effective decision-making and accountability, including: agreeing and overseeing UKRN projects; considering membership criteria and growth of the UKRN; focusing on common challenges, risks and opportunities relating to monopoly and retail economic regulation; and appointing the UKRN Chair.

The UKRN staff

The UKRN has a small staff seconded from our member regulators. Our current staff members are:

Rachel Fletcher
UKRN Chief Executive

Joe Duffield
UKRN Head of Vulnerablity

Matthew Bourne
UKRN Manager

Ian Stone
UKRN Manager

Kevin Smith
UKRN Strategic Stakeholder Manager

Attricia Archer
UKRN Director

Seema Mistry
UKRN Manager

Catherine Nicholson
UKRN Head of Strategy & Governance

Nicole Trinder
UKRN Business Support Co-ordinator

The UKRN Expert Panel


Over the past three years we have developed a number of internal networks that foster links across our members and provide input into our projects and work programme. Read more about our networks.