Our events in 2018

The UKRN regularly organises events, breakfast briefings and lunchtime seminars, often jointly with other organisations, such as the Whitehall & Industry Group (WIG), Policy Exchange, the Institute for Public Policy research, the Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association, Which?, the Office for National Statistics and many more.

Below you can find a list of our most recent events.

12 July – UKRN + Whitehall & Industry Group seminar on regulatory enforcement.
Join WIG and the UKRN for a workshop to explore how changing markets are impacting regulatory enforcement. The event will be of interest to regulators, regulated industries, lawyers and other interested parties.
Speakers include BEIS, Ofgem, Ofcom, CMA and Citizens Advice, sharing their views on the following questions: what are the challenges and opportunities that face public enforcement to protect the collective interests of consumers? Are regulators’ enforcement powers and approaches still fit for purpose, within sectors agitated by new and different players joining the market, for example in energy?
How can we address the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities brought by new market dynamics to deliver the best outcomes for customers?
If you would like to attend, please register here.

19 June – UKRN + Institute for Public Policy Research breakfast seminar: ‘Considering the notion of ownership in the consumer policy debate’.
The narrative on what is fair to customers, and how ownership might play a part in making markets fairer, or less fair, has gained an increased profile and coverage in the national media; and there has been particular focus on essential services where the state has a role in at least setting the regulatory framework.  Clearly some policy proponents are also thinking that changing ownership could address distributional (un)fairness across customers of essential services. This small session, under Chatham House rules, will bring together representatives from the UK regulators and the UKRN Expert Panel for a roundtable discussion to consider these and other issues.

23 April – UKRN Annual Conference
Our Annual Conference is an opportunity for our members to network with peers, learn about some of the work taking place across the network and participate in workshops.
You can ready the Summary Note here.

6 Mar – UKRN + Whitehall & Industry Group (WIG) workshop: ‘Brexit from Day One: through the consumer lens’ 
This roundtable brought together senior representatives from regulators, government and industry to discuss the immediate regulatory impacts of Brexit from the perspective of the consumer when the UK leaves the European Union on 29 March, 2019.