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innovation-friendly regulation

promoting resilient sectors

promoting fairness for all consumers

collaboration and better ways of working

Promoting fairness for all consumers

Our aims for this theme are as follows:

  • To explore how regulators can promote innovation to encourage fair consumer outcomes whilst considering cross sector implications of our policies.
  • To champion success where innovative approaches are taken to delivering positive experiences for consumers, including those in vulnerable circumstances.
  • To explore the use of behavioural economics to improve consumer engagement in markets.
  • Working together to understand the consumer implications of Brexit.


  • Engagement with UK Competition Network (UKCN) following the publication of their Consumer Remedies Lessons Learnt Report (to be published Q3 2018/19).
  • Regulator membership on BEIS Consumer Forum.
  • Event and report showcasing cross-sector best practice by companies to improve services for vulnerable customers, including mental health, and exploring minimum standards for improving services.
  • Working with the Office for Public Guardian to improve service provision of Power of Attorney by regulated companies.