The UKRN strategy for 2017/18

Our strategy for 2017/18 proposes a new objective, to better reflect the significant and strategic role of the UKRN, for its members, consumers, investors and the UK economy. We plan to deliver this objective through our new six ‘ways of working’. These highlight how cooperation and communication are integral to achieving benefits for our members and better outcomes for our consumers and the economy.

The focus of our forward programme, and the nature of the work we do, unfolds across three pillars: cross-sector issues and current affairs; advocacy; and, long-term thinking.  We aim to take forward a portfolio of projects which delivers across each of these pillars, although the balance of focus may shift over time in response to external changes.

UKRN strategy

We are introducing a holistic approach to delivering our policy work, which will bring together our previous policy and engagement workstreams.  This means that we will work more closely with our partners and stakeholders to identify and consider policy issues common across regulated sectors.  We will take into account for future work programmes. To facilitate this, our portfolio of work for 2017/18 has been designed to bring a joint approach to engagement and policy work through projects and UKRN networks.

UKRN Strategy and Forward Work Programme 2017-18