The UKRN is a member organisation.

The strategy of the UKRN is determined by the CEOs Strategy Group, which includes all member regulators, meets twice a year – in September and March – and is responsible for providing strategic leadership, designing and agreeing the strategic direction of the UKRN, including: the relationship with the UK Competition Network (UKCN), wider governmental and regulatory issues and thought leadership on the sustainability and success of the network over the long-term.

The forward work programme is determined by the CEOs Sub-Committee, which includes full member regulators only, meets in June and December, and is responsible for realising the strategy, implementing effective decision-making and accountability, including: agreeing and overseeing UKRN projects, considering membership criteria and growth of the UKRN, focusing on common challenges, risks and opportunities relating  to monopoly and retail economic regulation, and appointing the UKRN Chair.

The diagram below illustrates our organisational design.

UKRN structure

The CEOs are advised by the UKRN Expert Panel which consists of four independent advisors who hold expertise in different fields. For more information and biogs of our current panel, please visit the Expert Panel page.

The Senior Representatives Group (SRG), which consists of Director-level staff from each member regulator and is the UKRN’s main steering group. It monitors delivery of the engagement and policy workstreams as well as the operation of the UKRN central office.

The Principals act as the point of contact for all UKRN matters within each member organisation. As well as managing matters related to the policy projects. Principals also help with any general enquiries from other regulators regarding their organisation.

The day-to-day work is managed by the UKRN Office. The office undertakes secretariat duties for all the panels, manages the progress of the programme and has oversight of all of the UKRN’s activities.

Across the UKRN we have established a number of networks. These allow colleagues to build relationships, work together and discuss topics of common interest. For more information on the current UKRN networks, please visit the networks page.